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Octane User Group is India's first special interest group established in 2011, as a forum for marketers to share ideas and further their knowledge in the areas of email marketing, sms marketing and social media marketing with a focus on the Octane Platform. It is a members only club.

The Octane User Group (TOUG) Meet is the most premier event that we conduct quarterly in major Indian cities for our clients and partners. These events are exclusive, focused, invitation only sessions of industry trend discussions, knowledge sharing and unparalleled networking.

Each event has a specific theme and we always invite an industry leading business expert as speaker to share his or her ideas about the theme and topic of discussion. So far we have had TOUG Meets in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. Please do click on the links below to get more detailed information about past and upcoming events in each city.
The Octane User Group Meet | New Delhi

The Octane User Group Meet | Mumbai

The Octane User Group Meet | Bengaluru
SPEAKERS LIST Have a look at the video feedback shared by TOUG speakers & delegates from past events »
Mr. Rahul Sethi
Co-Founder & CEO at Ladyblush
Mr. Amit Chaudhary
Chief Operating Officer & Cofounder
at Lenskart, Watchkart &
Mr. Samarjeet Singh
Co-Founder & CEO at iksula
Online Solutions
TOUG Mumbai :: 28th March 2012
Mr. Abhay Johorey
Head, Airtel Online at Bharti Airtel

TOUG Delhi :: 9th May 2012
Mr. Manish Agarwal
CEO, Reliance Entertainment - Digital

TOUG Mumbai :: 27th June 2012
Mr. Shivendra Singh Chauhan
Social Media Expert and Online Activist
TOUG Delhi :: 8th August 2012
Mr. Vatsal Asher
Director & CEO - DMAi
TOUG Mumbai :: 27th September 2012
Mr. Pavan Duggal
Lawyer and Cyber Law Expert

TOUG Delhi :: 7th November 2012
Mr. Vinod Kumar Wuthoo
Honorary Vice President at India SME Forum
TOUG Mumbai :: 13th February 2013
First Session
Ms. Bhawna Agarwal
CEO at
Second Session
Mr. Nitin Raj
Vice President Marketing at
TOUG Delhi :: 13th March 2013
First Session
Mr. Allan Fernandes
Digital Marketer at GiveIndia
Second Session
Mr. Jitendra Arora
Co-Founder at
TOUG Mumbai :: 15th May 2013
First Session
Mr. Apurva Chamaria
Head-Global Sales Excellence at HCL Technologies
Second Session
Mr. Jatin Modi
Founder at FrogIdeas
TOUG Delhi :: 19th June 2013
First Session
Mr. Sandeep Shrivastava
Director - Search at Microsoft India
Second Session
Mr. Chetan Sharma
Head - Performance Marketing at
TOUG Bengaluru :: 24th July 2013
First Session
Mr. Sreekumar Vijaykumar
Founder and Managing Director at Trade Briefs
Second Session
Mr. Samarth Saxena
Co-Founder and COO at
TOUG Mumbai :: 25th September 2013
First Session
Mr. Anshul Punhani
Chief Marketing Officer at Monster India, Middle East & South Asia
Second Session
Mr. Samarth Saxena
Co-Founder and COO at
TOUG Delhi :: 23rd October 2013
First Session
Mr. Khizer Ahmed Sheriff
Founder at Socio360
Second Session
Mr. Samarth Saxena
Co-Founder and COO at
TOUG Bengaluru :: 20th November 2013
First Session
Mr. Vikram Adige
Director of Business Development at AIMIA India
Second Session
Mr. Punit Modhgil
Co-Founder and Managing Director at
TOUG Mumbai :: 26th February 2014
First Session
Mr. Prateek Sinha
Lead Client Partner at Facebook India
Second Session
Mr. Punit Modhgil
Co-Founder and Managing Director at
TOUG Delhi :: 19th March 2014
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